“We the People” Grassroots

“We the People” Grassroots seeks to represent a vast coalition of organically grown, locally produced, grassroots organizations which share common ground concerning the current condition of the USA’s political, economic and social soil.

This collective fully acknowledges that the USA and all of its citizens face extremely serious challenges over the next several years. Profound and fundamental issues have gone unresolved for decades on virtually every front of society.  Our dire concerns about the current state of the environment, as well as the health and well being of every individual, are at the very top of our agenda.

“We the People” Grassroots was initially organized around two central organizing principles:

I.  The physical environment (e.g. lakes and rivers, forests and woods, oceans and gulfs, marshes and wetlands, mountains and valleys, plains and deserts) of the USA must be protected by everyone if an acceptable quality of life will exist for future generations to thrive and flourish.  The totality of this environment does include all manmade structures to include every office building and industrial plant, all residential housing (including single family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, cottages), roads and bridges, airline and railroad infrastructure, malls and shopping centers, hospitals and prisons, schools and places of worship, etc.
The ecological balance must be maintained everywhere possible, if the human population is to expect support from the natural order.  Only responsible stewardship, which leaves the ecosystems throughout the nation intact, will guarantee this.

II.  Every citizen possesses the inalienable right not to be harmed, injured, threatened, poisoned or killed by either governmental conduct or corporate behavior.  Therefore, such practices as sky chemtrailing, water fluoridation, introduction of GMOs into the food supply, irradiation of the food supply, school vaccination programs, mercury amalgam use in dentistry, aspartame-laden beverages, circumcision of infant boys, and the indiscriminate and wide area insecticide spraying of subdivisions must be stopped immediately.  Likewise, biomass plant sitings in residential areas, deepsea drilling for oil/gas into precarious geology, hydrofracking for natural gas, construction of fatally flawed nuclear power plants as well as coal fired power plants are just a few of the energy paradigms that need to be carefully re-examined and systematically phased out for the good of the body politic.

Regarding the first principle, our mutual concerns revolve around the constant degradation that each of these components of our natural heritage continues to experience without adequate protection, maintenance and improvement.  Our finite natural resources are likewise at risk of being depleted, especially those which are not renewable or are utilized in an unsustainable manner.  Also, the acceleration of technospheric breakdown makes the nation’s metropolitan areas an increasingly dangerous place to live, work and play which ought to be addressed by any civil society if it intends to survive.

As for the second organizing principle, when government and corporations fail to live up to their end of the poverbial social contract they not only violate the public trust, they also terminate this contract and effectively nullify their very existence.  After all government’s primary purpose is to protect and safeguard the citizenry.  Concerning the social responsibility of Corporate America, how can the culpable corporations and other blameworthy business entities endure, when they knowingly participate in the aforementioned, ongoing crimes against We, the People?

The answer is simple: They cannot and should not endure.  And it is up to We, the People to both individually and collectively take back our power (as well as their power) from them before there is no more opportunity to do so.  The clarion call has been rung. Are you up to the task?

If so, all that is required is that you begin to take responsibility for your own life, stand in your own truth and find the courage to speak truth to power whenever the occasion necessitates.  This is how we begin to take back our power.

By the way, remember how difficult it was to remove a patch of real strong and healthy lawn to make way for a new shrub or tree?  The more grassroots and intertwining they are, the more formidable the movement will become … the more difficult it will be not to take We the People very seriously in November of 2012!

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